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Happy New Year

With the new year upon us, who can honestly say that they do not try to make a resolution to better themselves? Personally, the thought of making a new year resolution crosses my mind each year. I often ask myself, "What can I do to improve myself ?" If you're like me, the resolution practice will last a few weeks and then the attempts become less and less.

Ascension Lutheran Church is starting the new year by making an attempt to improve and revision what God has already created. We will not refer to this process as a New Year's Resolution, but rather an attempt to continue, but grow in what God has already planted. Of course, this process can't happen without you. If you have wondered what it is like to be a Lutheran, or what goes on in the little stone church on the corner of Wildwood Avenue and Arlington Street, I invite you to visit one of the most loving communities in Columbia, South Carolina.

Our congregation is very small, and we are attempting to grow in number. We want to offer opportunities that will bring people to our church and help them grow as individuals: spiritually and personally. In this light, I encourage you to ask,"What is it that I need this year to better myself? Do I need to grow in my spirituality? How can I be a better person?" Maybe you have not been a religious person and are curious about what a church has to offer. If you have not been to church, but are a little curious, I am offering an open invitation. Please come to see us.

At this moment in time, we have reduced our activities because of COVID. We are currently meeting for worship and choir rehearsals. Our Sunday School and other activities are temporarily on hold, but don't let this scare you away. Come see us. As the pandemic begins to loosen its grip, our activities will begin to be reintroduced into our weekly schedule. If you come and begin to feel that there is a place for you in our loving community of believers, make suggestions to the people of our congregation about adding a program in which you would like to participate.

From our congregation to you, may you be blessed in the upcoming year.

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